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What is Responsible Tourism?

Simply put Responsible Travel is about making places better for people to live in and better for people to visit on their travels. It is about protecting your environment, letting your local culture shine, ensuring your local community benefit from tourism expenditure and using these funds to enhance the quality of life for all.

Make Your Vacation Destination Responsible

Join us in making Australia a Responsible Tourism and eco-friendly holiday destination.

If you are a Responsible Tourism business in Australia and would like to be listed in the Responsible Tourism Australia directory (planned for late 2011) please contact us.

If you are an Australian travel or tourism operator or regional tourism organisation and want to take responsibility to become more sustainable - view our Consultancy Service website.

If you would like to receive Responsible Tourism training or undertake a Masters in Responsible Tourism Management - view more information at the International Centre for Responsible Tourism Australia website.

Don't Greenwash

You may want to make the best impression but it is vital that you are clear and honourable.

  • Do not be vague, or make broad statements which have no substantiation
  • Do not mislead the consumer. Such actions will undermine everyone's efforts to make tourism better and win consumer confidence in better tourism.
  • Do audit your claims, have them independently verified and report on the success/failures honestly.
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The Future Of Tourism In Australia

  • We believe that tourism's economic contribution to rural Australian communities can be enhanced through stronger linkage with local producers, arts and crafts, so empowering Indigenous and Non Indigenous communities and building Local Distinctiveness.
  • We believe that tourism has a vital role in opening the door to our natural wonders, enabling city dwellers to reconnect with nature for their health and well being.
  • We believe that tourism has a moral obligation outside of government policy to cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions.
  • We believe that tourism can positively contribute to encouraging a more sustainable life for all Australians, to conserve its natural and cultural heritage and positively contribute to the world's diversity.
  • We believe that tourism must be open to all including people with disabilities and the economically disadvantaged.